Shampoo base of aloe vera gel, coconut oil oieflin, coconut oil betaine, lemon extract, avocado oil , grapefruit seed extract, vitamins, blend of essential oils.

Conditioiner base of natural aloe vera gel, vegetable oil quaternary, celliulose gum, coconut oil hydroxyl, glycerine, grapfruit seed extract, and a blend of vitamins and essential oils.

Hair spray with witch hazel other ingredients: Natural grain alcohol, panthenol (vitamin b5), gum tragacanth, gum arabic, aloe vera gel, essential oils of neroli, frankincense, myrrh, and  jojoba oil.

Sculpting gel (alcohol free)
Purified lemon water, panthenol (vitamin b5) aloe vera gel, tragacanth and agum arabic blend vegetable glycerine, vitamin E , flax seed extract, Grapefruit extract, sandalwood, juniper, lavender, calandula and joboba oil.

We have other products such as lotions and  sunblocks.

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